Cosy Holiday Cabin for rent in the South of the Isle of Skye - Outside view

Book your Skye Holiday in our Cosy Cabin:

Holiday in a world where nature, wellbeing, and sustainable living converge.

Rubha Phoil is 15-acre rock paradise nestled in the charming village of Armadale on the enchanting Isle of Skye.

We warmly invite you to book a holiday at Rubha Phoil in our cosy Cabin.
Please read the description and book below.

If you have any questions, we have a chat box at the bottom right corner or you can Whatsapp 00447760142495


Our cabin can sleep up to 5 people.
A first night in our cabin is £50 each night, for each adult. Children under 12 are £20 per night. Children under 2 are free.
During the high season, every booking will be charged £20 extra per day.

Each booking also has a one off £36 deep clean fee.

If you join the Virtual Village first, you may get extra discounts. You can register to find out more here.

During the High Season, minimum preferred stay is 3 days, if you want to change that, please discuss that with us before booking.

Your stay is self-catered.

You’ll have the whole cabin, your own little kitchen with a gas hob and the basic cooking essentials, your own compost toilet and your own bonfire place to yourselves. The cabin has electric heating, a fridge, a toaster and a kettle. You can buy all sorts of things on our market place.

You can make an outside bonfire. You are welcome to bring untreated wood or charcoal or buy some from us. A first box of firewood is included in the welcome pack.

You will have access to much (but not all) of our 15 acre Rock and beaches for walks and peace and quiet leisure time.

Please note that booking a stay in our cabin does not automatically mean that you are a full member of our community. You are welcome to ask to be part of the community, though that would mean that you need to go through a stricter ‘selection’ or ‘vetting’ process. Our community is a safe HOME for a variety of people and children and wildlife and we feel precious about our safe community and culture and we want to know you better before we welcome you into that bubble. We hope that you understand this. You can read more about the selection process here.

You can book sessions to learn about Permaculture, Nature Connection or other exciting activities on our marketplace. Please feel free to book these in advance. Contact us to arrange.

Sorry, no dogs or pets, hen or stag parties or drones on our Rock.

Your hut is close to the ferry terminal of Armadale. You may hear traffic, car park noises and the first ferry arrive between 8-9AM. If you prefer to be in a more quiet location, contact us.

Reservations are only made when the booking is paid for. We reserve your spaces only when an agreement and full payment is made.

When booking, you accept and agree to adhere to the terms and conditions and conduct agreement below.

Caravan site Licence nr: MAU 015281
Please come with an understanding that our garden is wild and there are minor improvement works going on. Rest assured our showers are warm and your hut is clean and your stay will not be negatively influenced by the work we are doing.

Book here:

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If you have any questions, we have a chat box at the bottom right corner or you can Whatsapp 00447760142495


Charge breakdown:

£36 one off payment added to each booking as a cleaning fee.
£50 per night for every adult.
£20 per night for every child under the age of 12.
No charge for infants under the age of 2.
High season:
During the high season starting March 29 until September 30 2024 an extra £20 per day will be added.
Discount will be calculated on the next page

On the checkout page, you will have the options to choose to checkout with (1) Bank transfer, (2) by credit or debit card via PayPal in GBP, (3) Rubha Rocks (logged-in members with sufficient RR only), or (4) PayPal account in GBP.

Please read the terms of conditions of your stay at Rubha Phoil below and sign in this box to confirm that you agree to them.
Please use your mouse to sign or write your name
If you feel you can't afford this holiday but really need one, please explain above. If you have any needs that are important to you, please also explain.
A copy of the signed agreement will be sent to you along with the booking request receipt email.
Please select a date first.
We will consider your booking only valid after payment has been received.

Terms and Conditions and useful tips for your visit

Cars cannot normally drive up to the Rock. Our track is in need of an upgrade. We have our own private car park near our entrance. There is a wheel barrel available to bring your luggage to your accommodation and we are really happy to help you.
If you really need to drive close to your accommodation, we will guide you and walk ahead of you, to make sure it is really safe for you to do so.

– If you need to ask us any questions, there is always someone here. Feel free to call or send a text message 07393830403.

– The West coast of Scotland can be really wet and windy. Check the weather forecast. Choose your activities wisely.

– We live in a dark sky area. The stars and the northern lights are simply breath taking. For that reason, we limit street lights. We recommend to use torches to walk around in the dark. You will find some in your accommodation, but we also provide them in our shop.

– Please vacate your accommodation by 10AM on the day of departure.

– We have CCTV at the entrances of our Rock. We have marked on the map where they are. Your own space is completely private. Your privacy is protected. We will never use these images for anything else other than crime prevention. Our privacy policy is here:

To ensure that all guests have a positive experience, we ask you to please follow

the code of conduct.

Please try to keep noise to a minimum, especially between 10pm and 8am. Loud electronic music does not fit in well in our environment.

– Please respect our Rock and all life on it

Bonfires: If it has been dry, and there is fire risk, fire is prohibited. If in doubt, please ask us first. Only fires in the designated fire pits (ringed with stone)or in a firebowl which you can borrow from us. Fire on the beach is recommended! Please do not collect your own firewood from our woods, and do not cut or harm any trees. Fire beaters, a fire extinguisher and water buckets are provided. Please do not burn anything other than wood (or paper to start the fire with). Seasoned wood is available to purchase or you are welcome to bring your own.

No naked flames such as camping stoves or candles in your accommodation.

Keep to footpaths and do not create new paths please. Do not run. Our paths are uneven and there are trip hazards. You will need to use appropriate footwear. If you would like to walk around the beach, we recommend using a long walking stick to aid your balance when climbing over the rocks.
Seaweed can be very slippery!

Supervise children younger than 12 at all time, so that they can enjoy the freedom of the outdoors without causing damage (e.g. climbing trees with thin branches) or without danger. We have several shallow ponds on our Rock. We are happy to show you more details in our safely policies. We would like you to know that we consider you responsible for all young people under the age of 18.

Do not hang items on trees. If using a hammock, please don’t harm the tree and make sure the trees are strong enough and alive. We would prefer it if you would ask us first.

– All taps provide drinkable water.

– Your kitchen is for you alone. We are happy to lend you kitchen items.

– Sorry, but we do can not allow dogs or pets anywhere on Rubha Phoil. If you have a registered guide dog, contact us please to discuss how we can do our best to accommodate you. This a sensitive area of natural beauty and we want to avoid disturbing wildlife and other visitors. You can read more about our reasons here:

– Our community is alcohol and drugs free. As a short term visitor, you are welcome to have a drink in your own space. Please understand that if getting drunk is your idea of a good time, we would prefer you to book somewhere else.

No hen or stag parties

No drones.

– Please only use good quality electrical items that you bring with you. Normal use of electricity is included in the price. Your cabin is connected to the grid and has it’s own meter. We will need to charge extra for excessive use.

– If you would like to go for a walk into the hills, a paddle or a swim, it is common practise in the Highlands that you let someone know a time that you are expected back and agree to a ‘cut-off- moment that the coast guard or mountain rescue gets called. We are happy to be your point of contact. Of course don’t forget to let us know that you have returned safely.

– If you would like to go for a swim or a paddle, please know that our islands to the South of Rubha Phoil are protected. Do not go near them. Disturbing wildlife such as our seals and birds is a criminal offence. We feel passionate about protecting them.
Keep an eye out for sea urchins and Lion’s mane Jelly fish. These are really dangerous! We recommend to take a buddy with you.
Not not swim in the dark.

– If you are going for a walk in the surrounding area, please read up about the Right to Roam legislation. You have the right to respectful access to the Scottish land. If you do not behave with respect, you loose that right. You can read more here:

– Please respect our privacy. If there is a sign ‘Please respect our privacy, living quarters ahead’, that means that we ask you not the walk any further. If there are ropes, please don’t climb over them.

Normally, everyone you will encounter on the Rock of Rubha Phoil is invited and known by us. Members of the public do not have free access to the woodlands under the right to roam legislation. Though we can’t guarantee that everyone will respect our signs and the law.

Refund policy

We will give you a full refund (minus paypal, card or bank transfer costs already paid when receiving your payment), if you cancel up to two weeks before the start of your stay.
If you cancel less than two weeks before the start of your stay, we will only refund 80%, and only if we manage to find a replacement to fill your space. (we almost always manage to do so) If we don’t manage to fill your space, no refund will be given. We recommend that you would take travel insurance to minimize any inconvenience with short notice cancellations.

If we cancel bookings, we will give a full refund.

If we need to intervene due to negative behaviour or if you breach our terms and conditions and we consequently have to ask you to leave, we will not give any refunds.

Please note that the Virtual Village will not be able to refund you your £’s if you exchanged £’s for Rubha Rocks first to pay for your holiday. (If you pay in £’s, this does not apply to you) This would be illegal for us to do so. You can sell your RR’s onwards to others in the Virtual Village at any price you choose. More explanation is available here in the terms and conditions of the Virtual Village.

Thank you and enjoy your stay!